Red Rocket

Red RocketLocated in a secluded Nevada desert far away from civilisation, who would have thought that first-of-a-kind game development is happening in an anonymous office right across the road? Jammed in between a mailbox cemented into the ground, and the Red Rocket pit-stop for thirsty cars and hungry drivers, our gaming studio and research lab, all in one, humbly fits in a shoe-box brick building. The office does look much nicer on the inside however! In fact, thanks to our unique collaboration with Blos International, we are currently housing 4 sleep-cells, 6 electro-scanners, and no less than 16 fitted psychosomatic ports to test and run our games. Additionally, we have a permanent collaboration with University of Portland State, Oregon, making Tuck - our favourite hot dog sales boy over at Red Rocket - go ever so curious about those “Four Eyes with Funny Accents” that keep coming in to visit. Come visit our studio you too - if not to play our games - then at least to try out the Red Rocket Wurst made with locally produced Dynamite Mustard - best in town!



TumbleweedCSD Games is a small game developing studio that in the recent years has gained considerable traction and international acclaim both among gamers and scientists alike! Our first game “Tumbleweed” sent dreamers flying with the wind to wherever their imagination took them! One of our milestones was passed in 2015 when our CEO proudly took to the stage at PAX Australia - induced in an active sleep cell - and played our first iteration of Tumbleweed while sleeping! But our ground breaking “play as you sleep” engine is also used in sleep-scientific experiments, as it has proven useful in the understanding of lucidity and perception of time while dreaming. This goes a little over our heads, but our exciting partners over at University of Portland State is making the best use of our scientifically modified gaming engine for their research. Currently we are working our socks off creating new and exciting gaming experiences with our next-gen “Tumbleweed: Winds of Change” (watch this space for our alpha release)! Anybody up for some Tachyons?


Blos International - Demo

Blos International DemoMany of our fans are reaching out to us, asking for pricing info and subscription fees. Since our first game was adapted for scientific purposes, our Winds of Change update - while incorporating many of the features from Tumbleweed - is still in alpha development and hence not yet available commercially. An earlier version of Tumbleweed can still be played at Blos International (both in the UK and the US offices), to a cost of $1750 USD per hour, including a complete medical check-up and sleep-induction! Please note that you must first pass a security scan if you want to try out our awesome game. Please send an application to stating the reason why you’d want to play the game, and we’ll take it from there. Are you new to “play as you sleep”? Your application process is considerably faster if you include your latest sleep-exam in your email. Remember: never stop dreaming!


Our partners

Blos International

Blos International (since May 6th, 2015)

Founded in 1962 by Professor Blos as a private research company, nowadays focused on Artificial Intelligence, Mind/Machine Interfacing, Enhanced Consciousness, Biological Memory Mapping, Temporal Adjustment, Telluric Anomaly Manipulation, Ley Line Detection and Generation. The company is currently run by our beloved Marie Clemens since 1985.


Lord Bytesworth (since April 5th, 2018)Lord Bytesworth

Lord Bytesworth designs and produces interactive experiences and mixed-media creative content, for both in-house and client projects. They create content and experiences across multiple creative-technical industries. The name is a development alias representing one or more developers which may change depending on active projects. They are invested in multiple research and development projects. Technologies are being designed and developed both in house and with associated partners to try and push the boundaries of creative-technical industries.


W/ARE (since May 12th, 2018)W/ARE

W/ARE is located in 中关村 (Zhongguancun), Haidian District, Beijing, China, and houses a new generation of post-VR engineers. They create new and innovative use cases for EEG scanning technology to transform the way that we interact with the world around and within us. By focusing on integrating the role of subjective sensations into their products, they hope to craft a more perfect reflection of our modern society. With the financial backing of local interactive design firms, and working with other massive business partners in the international tech sector, their already robust and reliable medical-grade brain-machine interfaces have jumped light-years ahead of the competition.