Keeping our spirits up

Hi all. It’s nice to see my inbox full with positive messages from all of you; our fans and patreons.

Sorry for being silent over the summer, let’s just say it has been a crazy ride, and it still is. We are temporarily installed at Blos International, but since FBI prohibited us from using any of our backup files, we are mainly discussing concepts, ideas, and sharing art-work with each other. We try to keep our spirits up. We even flew in Tuck from Red Rocket! Being a local boy working at his dad’s gas station, it surely was a thrill to see him in the big city! We are hosted by Ms. Clemens, and she seems to be the glue our team of programmers need right now. Somehow she foresaw some key milestones in the FBI investigation, and is positive we will be cleared of suspicion soon.

I certainly hope so.