Wohoo!! Champagne is ON THE HOUSE!!

Two days ago we were officially CLEARED of any wrong-doing by the FBI. And guess what – we are BACK in our Nevada offices! Some of us are still arriving, but man, I couldn’t believe the silent hum my laptop made when I hit that power button. The sleep-cells are being reconfigured by Blos servers, and soon our show is on the road again!

We at CSD must take the time to thank Blos and Dubois over at Portland State, for their endless support! In any normal situation, you’d see sponsors bailing before you can spell h-e-a-t, but this time the heat came and our sponsors stayed and helped us convince the feds that no wrongdoing on our part had been made.

Special thanks to Clemens and Dubois for teaming up and together showcasing our technology and its potential. For some reason, after a seminal meeting the head of FBI (yes, you read that correctly, the very head of FBI), CSD Games was cleared! We’re ready to get this show on the road once again! It seems like the local copy of Tumbleweed over at Portland State was never seized, and apparently Dubois tweaked the code several times over, creating many new and exciting opportunities for us. Also, this experience seem to have galvanized not only our team, but also Dubois and Clemens. Isn’t it fun to see mutual friends befriending one another? It seems they have been working with the Portland copy of the game to prepare a new research experiment on lucidity and alertness within dreams. Exciting!

It’s so good to be back!