History of CSD Games

14th April, 2014

Three programming enthusiasts meet by accident at PAX East, discussing recent trends in virtual reality and other direct-experience trends in gaming. We agree to start a discord channel to keep discussions open.

28th November, 2014

The size of the discord channel has grown to 19 participants, all excitingly discussing ideas for possibilities of brain-wave inducing software, such as the novel “play as you sleep” concept. A joint decision is taken to try and form a company developing games.

13th January, 2015

CSD Games is formed! At the same time, the discord channel is growing but most people are still contractually obliged to other projects, making CSD Games exist mainly on paper. We are all volunteering our free time to this passion of ours, and start to draft project ideas.

7th March, 2015

Some of our early project ideas on “play as you sleep” are presented at PAX East, as a part of the Theoretical Future conference event. The title of our presentation is “Software interacting with brain-wave patterns during dreams”. It attracts notable attention from both the scientific community and private stakeholders. We are still just a bunch of enthusiasts dedicating our free time to this project, but our passion grows stronger by the day!

14th April, 2015

Exactly one year after that exciting chance meeting, things start to happen! We acquire our first brain-imaging electroscanner, facilitating groundbreaking insights into how lucid dreaming interacts with “play as you sleep”. It is kept in one of our programmer’s basement since we don’t even have a permanent office!

6th May, 2015

An important date in our success story! We have our first business partner! Due to our successful presentation at PAX East, CSD Games can now actually have permanent employees and can finally start with actual software development! This is due to a collaboration with Blos International! Also, we get our first set of keys to our brand new and shining office in Nevada! We are now three proud individuals moving out into the dessert!

31st October, 2015

Our pre-alpha platformer, Tumbleweed, is presented at the Concepts to Come conference at PAX Australia. The presentation was mentioned as the Gaming Happening of the Year by Forbes magazine, due to having our own CEO playing the game while being sleep-induced on stage.

2nd February, 2016

The alpha version of Tumbleweed is released! Due to the lack of affordable supporting hardware, Tumbleweed can only be played at selected sleep-science research centers and the Blos International research centre. Cost of playing Tumbleweed (including medical supervision and sleep-induction) is US$ 1500 per hour.

26th February, 2016

CSD Games makes its first appearance in a scientific context, presenting Tumbleweed to a community of sleep scientists at the International Conference: Clinical Update Sleep 2016, at the Royal College of Physicians in London, UK.

4th May, 2016

We sign a two year collaboration deal with University of Portland State, which grants us access to state-of-the-art sleep-science facilities in exchange for allowing their research teams to use our core engine in sleep-science experiments.

28th November, 2016

Our team is growing! We are now 7 employees working together, developing games for the future!

3rd March, 2017

A research team led by Prof. Dubois of the University of Portland State is using our core engine of Tumbleweed in a groundbreaking sleep-science experiment. Apparently the the trashcan is knocked over before the weed has reached it! We are excited to partake in such fantastic adventures!

6th May, 2017

On the two year anniversary of moving into our Nevada offices, we hit an all time low as FBI seize all our computers and other expensive equipment, in the on-going abduction investigation. CSD Games claim no responsibility of the alleged disappearance of the three Japanese individuals that were playing Tumbleweed. We assist the police in any way we know how.

8th October, 2017

Wohoo! CSD Games is cleared of suspicion and are handed our keys back by the FBI! We are all thrilled to be back, and in spite of the setback, extremely hyped for the release of the Beta version of Tumbleweed.

9th January, 2018

Dubois over at Portland State uses our improved pre-Beta engine in a large study of psychological time-travel in dreams. We must admit that we do not understand the nitty-gritty details of their study, but it is clear that induction of brain-waves to extrapolate a person’s inner thoughts and desires indeed have some marvelous results! Anyone heard of Tachyons??? We sure haven’t!

18th March, 2018

Dubois groundbreaking research paper is out! CSD Games is starting to gain traction not just among futuristic gamers, but also within the wider scientific community. Beta-development of Tumbleweed is cancelled as it is adapted for scientific use only. Instead, our new project Tumbleweed: Winds of Change is started (still pre-alpha).

27th March, 2018

Due to increased funding both by Blos International and University of Portland State, CSD Games is overhauling its entire organisation with no less than 30 new hires – increasing our “small team of enthusiasts” to a serious game developing studio of 37 employees!

4th April, 2018

CSD Games applies to be ported to the W/RE headset, with its new project Tumbleweed: Winds of Change! We hope to collaborate further with W/RE as it would make our products much more accessible on the market! To celebrate this occasion, we started a new Twitter account, and posted our very first tweet!