Quick update on yesterday’s post

Just got a phone call. Marie Clemens, head of Blos International. What a lovely person! In this darkness, she seems to be the only one staying positive. It seems that she already knows how this will end up. Like she had already lived through this ordeal and is now looking back in the rear-view mirror. Gosh, I wish I shared her positivity.

Anyway, I agreed with her to tone down my dismissive language about the feds. It is not my intention to affect nor to comment on the FBI’s reputation or work methods, or in any way influence their investigation. Yesterday’s blog post has already been forwarded to many other sites; Twitter, Reddit, even a V-logger, so no point in taking it down now. Anyway, sorry for everything. We just need to stay strong and hope for the best for these poor individuals whose whereabouts is still unknown. All our equipment is seized, so all production and development has abruptly halted. Even though we are being investigated, no one if formally arrested as of yet. Our entire staff will reunite over at Blos International Head Offices soon, to talk about our next steps.

Phew, this is hard.

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