Tumbleweed: Winds of Change (live footage)

Two blog posts in two days!! The pressure from our fans has been tremenduously uplifting, but we’re also running on fumes here. Don’t worry, we get constant energy refills from across the road; “Hey Tuck, can we have 6 more Red Rocket Wursts with EXTRA mustard??” Many of you have requested to see our new game in live action. We have been hesitant to show you guys, since one thing is to design and implement the actual game, another is to find a way to transfer the live dreaming-feed onto a computer! It’s not everyday you can see another person’s actual dream in a YouTube video. But, in the end we found a way to tap into the ionisation cross-potentials at various key points in the brain, and translated it into moving images! Please excuse the distorted sound quality, our engineers are currently figuring out what is actually being said in the dream, but we assure everyone that no discomfort is felt while playing Tumbleweed! So there you go, our very first OFFICIAL live footage of a person playing Tumbleweed while dreaming!