Tumbleweed: Winds of Change (live footage)

Two blog posts in two days!! The pressure from our fans has been tremenduously uplifting, but we’re also running on fumes here. Don’t worry, we get constant energy refills from across the road; “Hey Tuck, can we have 6 more Red Rocket Wursts with EXTRA mustard??” Many of you have requested to see our new game in live action. We have been hesitant to show you guys, since one thing is to design and implement the actual game, another is to find a way to transfer the live dreaming-feed onto a computer! It’s not everyday you can see another person’s actual dream in a YouTube video. But, in the end we found a way to tap into the ionisation cross-potentials at various key points in the brain, and translated it into moving images! Please excuse the distorted sound quality, our engineers are currently figuring out what is actually being said in the dream, but we assure everyone that no discomfort is felt while playing Tumbleweed! So there you go, our very first OFFICIAL live footage of a person playing Tumbleweed while dreaming!

W/ARE Contest – Top 10 Celebration

Oh gosh what a hectic two weeks it has been! Some of us have been working day and night as we have prepared for the contest submission to W/ARE. But HEY WE MADE IT!!! We’re in the TOP TEN!!! Needless to say, we had cake today! Nancy over at “Cakes and Bakes” got a flash order from us, two yummy Black Forest Cakes it is! Our offices have been permanently open 24/7 during the last two weeks, amazing how there’s always someone here! The coffee is flowing, and Tuck has started an hourly delivery service to our offices! We even decorated a room for our faithful janitor to use as a crash-pad; complete with a bed, a bedside table, a reading lamp and an A/C (you need it when you sleep next to a server-hall located in the scorching desert).

In order to celebrate our successful application, we’d like to show you guys our Artbook, the “creative asset” that we used in the contest. It’s a wild mesh of conceptual art-work, early game mechanics ideas, draft logotypes, You name it! We hope you enjoy this little goody of ours, and we’ll see you in the vote for the W/ARE devkit!

Tumbleweed: Winds of Change - Artbook

Tumbleweed: Winds of Change – Artbook


W/ARE Platform application

There’s a new player in town that might just be super beneficial for us. It’s called the W/ARE (pronounced “Ware”) headset, the first portable device with enough power and consistent frequency modulation, to carry our play-as-you-sleep concept into your own bedroom! That’s right, you might be able to play Tumbleweed: Winds of Change as you sleep IN YOUR OWN BED!

This could definitely be the break we’re looking for! So far, many of you have complained about our game only being available at certain locations. But if we are adopted by the W/ARE platform, we can finally bring our games to the masses! I don’t think I have ever been so excited about CSD Games as I am today! We are currently producing a teaser trailer as a preparation for our alpha release of our new game, so stay tuned! Things are going to happen fast, and we might hit the headlines before you know it! We can’t wait to share this news with M. Clemens, too bad she went on vacation directly after that research study with Dubois. Dubois himself is good though, and is equally excited for our success!

Stay tuned people!!!

Dubois and Clemens joint research paper

Hey everyone! Good news, Dubois and Clemens joint research paper is out! It’s so exciting to have their scientific collaboration as a part of our activities. We wanted to mention this sooner to you guys, but the copywriter at Portland State didn’t allow us to mention anything before the article itself was published. But now – the paper is even linked from our website! Go check it out! We’re still waiting to hear back from Clemens, as Dubois claims she “is out” after herself being one of the test-subjects of the study. So I guess we’ll have to wait, but all of this is so exciting!

Actually, it was a while since we shared anything game-related to you guys. Sorry for that! Here’s the low-down: Since Dubois tinkered with the original code of Tumbleweed, we have decided to let go on our creative assets relating to it and instead focus on a follow-up: Tumbleweed Winds of Change! Think of it like this: Tumbleweed itself is now maintained for academic purposes only. Apparently, there is a connection between self-determination in dreams and perceiving the future before it has happened – an effect that super-charging of synapses trigger (don’t ask me how please – check the article!).

And – you’re going to love this – they found a way to seed the procgen engine with emotional and physical states from the future! It’s like they used the 100-fold whatever juicing of the brain cells to accomplish that! People talk so casually about “time-travel” and “know things before they happen”, but when it actually happens, things become much more serious instantly! Right now, all I know is that both Dubois and Clemens have been on to something for quite some time! CSD Games, on the other hand, is now focusing on the emotional aspects of the game, refining the procgen to precognify (is that even a word?) emotional states. The changes we are planning are huge – so we’re reverting back to pre-alpha with Winds of Change.

We sincerely hope that people will benefit emotionally from learning about themselves as they sleep, as they dream, and learn to know stuff before they happened – on a daily basis.


Wohoo!! Champagne is ON THE HOUSE!!

Two days ago we were officially CLEARED of any wrong-doing by the FBI. And guess what – we are BACK in our Nevada offices! Some of us are still arriving, but man, I couldn’t believe the silent hum my laptop made when I hit that power button. The sleep-cells are being reconfigured by Blos servers, and soon our show is on the road again!

We at CSD must take the time to thank Blos and Dubois over at Portland State, for their endless support! In any normal situation, you’d see sponsors bailing before you can spell h-e-a-t, but this time the heat came and our sponsors stayed and helped us convince the feds that no wrongdoing on our part had been made.

Special thanks to Clemens and Dubois for teaming up and together showcasing our technology and its potential. For some reason, after a seminal meeting the head of FBI (yes, you read that correctly, the very head of FBI), CSD Games was cleared! We’re ready to get this show on the road once again! It seems like the local copy of Tumbleweed over at Portland State was never seized, and apparently Dubois tweaked the code several times over, creating many new and exciting opportunities for us. Also, this experience seem to have galvanized not only our team, but also Dubois and Clemens. Isn’t it fun to see mutual friends befriending one another? It seems they have been working with the Portland copy of the game to prepare a new research experiment on lucidity and alertness within dreams. Exciting!

It’s so good to be back!