Dubois and Clemens joint research paper

Hey everyone! Good news, Dubois and Clemens joint research paper is out! It’s so exciting to have their scientific collaboration as a part of our activities. We wanted to mention this sooner to you guys, but the copywriter at Portland State didn’t allow us to mention anything before the article itself was published. But now – the paper is even linked from our website! Go check it out! We’re still waiting to hear back from Clemens, as Dubois claims she “is out” after herself being one of the test-subjects of the study. So I guess we’ll have to wait, but all of this is so exciting!

Actually, it was a while since we shared anything game-related to you guys. Sorry for that! Here’s the low-down: Since Dubois tinkered with the original code of Tumbleweed, we have decided to let go on our creative assets relating to it and instead focus on a follow-up: Tumbleweed Winds of Change! Think of it like this: Tumbleweed itself is now maintained for academic purposes only. Apparently, there is a connection between self-determination in dreams and perceiving the future before it has happened – an effect that super-charging of synapses trigger (don’t ask me how please – check the article!).

And – you’re going to love this – they found a way to seed the procgen engine with emotional and physical states from the future! It’s like they used the 100-fold whatever juicing of the brain cells to accomplish that! People talk so casually about “time-travel” and “know things before they happen”, but when it actually happens, things become much more serious instantly! Right now, all I know is that both Dubois and Clemens have been on to something for quite some time! CSD Games, on the other hand, is now focusing on the emotional aspects of the game, refining the procgen to precognify (is that even a word?) emotional states. The changes we are planning are huge – so we’re reverting back to pre-alpha with Winds of Change.

We sincerely hope that people will benefit emotionally from learning about themselves as they sleep, as they dream, and learn to know stuff before they happened – on a daily basis.

“dream before time” – Prof. Dubois

The first scientific output from Prof. Dubois and his team of researchers is out! Needless to say, this is way above our heads, but apparently Dubois found a way for a sleep-induced player of Tumbleweed to “dream before time”?? Dubois claims that most of his results are only preliminary, but there are some exciting things we got the blogging-green light on!

So apparently, Dubois was experimenting with Tumbleweed, as he played it with nearly double the output voltage. Don’t worry guys, this was cleared with the local Ethics board on Dubois Digital Submission beforehand. All the paperwork is in order. Through some exponential mechanism (don’t ask me how!), this created a nearly 100-fold increase in the potential charge barrier inside a synaptic chain.

Ok, eh, what? Here is the English version: These are nerve cells, inside the brain, juiced to perform at 100 times the intended energy, while sleeping. This enabled a back-loop effect in which the receiving end fired BEFORE the sending end had created it’s output. Can you believe this?? Dubois mentioned that a test-subject felt nauseous at one point in his Tumbleweed session, due to feeling a foul stench from a trashcan that had been knocked over in the dream. However, the foul stench had been felt before the Tumbleweed had reached the trashcan!! So reaction of the event, was triggered before the actual event had occurred.